Adaptivity in cloud-to-edge COntinuum COmputing

Adaptivitate in calculul continuu de la Cloud la Edge (RO)

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The main scientific objective of COCO is to enable Cloud-to-Edge continuum computing. In particular, COCO intends to couple learning mechanisms (including federated learning) and intelligent resource discovery to achieve an adaptive hosting environment capable of running both on cloud and close to the edge. An open-source platform that demonstrates the concept will be a tangible outcome of the project.

Contract number: PCE 34/2021
Project identifier: Pn-III-P4-ID-PCE-2020-0407
Project type: Exploratory research project
PNIII Funding Programme: P4 – Fundamental and frontier research
Project duration: 1 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2023

Research Team

prof. Dana Petcu, PhD

project coordintator

Gabriel Iuhasz, PhD


Silviu Panica, PhD


Marian Neagul, PhD


Adrian Florin Spataru, PhD


Teodora Selea, PhD student

research assistant

Alexandru Munteanu, PhD student

research assistant


CoCo goal was to couple federated machine learning and intelligent resource discovery to realise an adaptive hosting environment capable of working both in the Cloud and at the Edge. The results are presented in the reports below, demonstrating through experiments the viability of the proposed solution.


Scientific Report – Final

Scientific Report – Year 3

Scientific Report – Year 2

Scientific Report – Year 1